Tuesday, May 02, 2006


The World Cup this year is going to be sick. This isnt an advertisement to get people who are uninterested watching so dont think im talking to yall. But if you have the least bit of interest in it, watch that shit. It will make you crazy for soccer. Unlike any other event. Ronaldinho of Brazil is the best player in the world right now so watch him fo sho. Support the USA, they do have one of the hardest brackets in the tourney but that never held America down before. So get out there and watch, it is the first time that all 64 games will be broadcasted in america, on ESPN ESPN2 and ABC. Hopefully we'll see a US final baby cause that is what we need.

We got the best team in the history of US soccer so watch and support, but if you dont want to we dont need you, well make it happen either way.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Counting Crows is Fun

"If i could make it rain today, id wash away this sunny day down to the gutter"

The counting crows have some shit for everyone, mainly when you want to here a guy whine about the problems america's population typically has. But besides that, the Counting Crows have it all. Would if instead of ipods cd players and what not we just had hovering speakers that would play whatever we wanted, but it would work on telepathy, so when you were thinking about a song you wanted to hear then it would play it right away. The hovering sound system would be smart too, if you had a song in your head you didnt want in there, the hovering speakers would play another song. The hovering speakers would blow everyone away. They would advance songs in our head and they would know every song ever so if you couldnt remember the song, instead of going to google and typing in the few lyrics you know and searching that way, you could simply thing and then the hovering speakers would be like "Dude, I got you" and the song would start playing. And yes, the hovering speakers would have attitude, but they would be your boy as well. Like if you were thikning of Mariah Carey's "Always be my baby", and you really wanted to hear it, but you were out with your friends, the hovering speakers would whisper, not right now man, but after the night is through when you are heading home, it would remember and you would go to sleep with your hovering speakers aand a smile on your face.

Sunday, April 30, 2006


In my world, you wouldnt get cold, well you couldnt get cold... It would be impossible to do. What happens now is I try to take naps and my hands and feet will be extremely cold making my mindset extremely uncomfortable. Then I end up having the dogs lay on my feet and put my hands down my pants which makes an awkward scene when anyone sees you sleeping. I dont know if you have seen anyone sleeping with hands in their pants and dogs on their feet but it isnt cool.

Anyway, back to my world, you wouldnt get cold because anytime you did the temperature in that specific area could feel the imbalance and it would immediately attend to your comfort.

Also I was thinking about the speed of light and how fast it really was... It is fast.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What ever happened to that microphone you plugged into your computer and it would type the words for you? If we could get that back and have someone working on a word program that knows the mistakes you are going to make and changes them so you dont have to edit, that would be great. Actually, let's just create a word program that types papers for me. I would be down, I mean, we could just plug in the assignment and word would kick it for a second, analyze, then spit out some shit that was near perfect. Dont call me Bill Gates yet, because I havent blown up yet, but when I do get big, yall can smile and wave.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Hey, just working on a speech. Im talking about how cool I am in this speech and its all the truth. But I am about to convert it to a 'WORD' to your mother document so I got on. And I have been taking a break from it for about 10 minutes and been looking at Facebook. I am not yet friends with Thom but the addition will come soon. You know what, facebook me, I dare you. Im the dopest thing facebook has seen. I bet I have just as many friends as you, probably more. Check me out.

Anyway this is how technology can destract and how I love getting on a computer to talk to friends that I cant interact with. It is kind of dope. I dont talk to people I dont know, well maybe one, I am friends with one of my teacher who is a grad student and I became friends with her sister because the girl was on Oprah. Yeah I know, Im friends with her. That is a cool thing. And to close with the subject of how cool I am, say your prayers because being the man does not come easy; It comes naturally.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The falling out

Well I would rather sleep through tomorrow then not deal with it at all. I hate saturdays because it brings me one day closer to Sunday which brings me one day closer to Monday, which even arent that bad, however I spend my whole weekend dreding school so I dont have fun. I hate a lot of shit. School being one. I like a lot of things. I just dont know why I spend the majority of my life working on something that I dont like. Fuck it, im going to live the way I want to live and essentially do the things I want to do. I cant stand people tha tconform to the system and people who make themselves get excited everyday to go do something they pretend to be passionate about. Im sorry to make people feel bad that have jobs where you crunch numbers but how many people truly like to fuck with numbers their whole lives. Give me my money, and get me out. I am through with this shit. I came to do it my way. This media shit will help me because I can write shit like this to make me realize how bad a lot of people have it. Thanks

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I have a speech tomorrow and a presentation. Soon I will be able to do both digitally. I will just be able to record a speech then put a converter in front of the class and I wont even have to show up just simply put the converter up and I will be fine. That will be awesome and I will be the creator. You know what I wouldnt be surprised if I already am not the creator. I know I am the man but still questioning the Creator part. Thats a big task after all. Think about it, I made some cool shit as the creator... Niagra Falls, The Solar System, The KoolAid Man. I am responsible for a lot of things, well I guess everything. That is big time. Not everyone thank me at once.


You say, I only hear what I want to I dont listen hard I dont pay attention to the rhythem and the rhymes of anyone anywhere, I dont understand if you really care Im only hearing negative no no no no. So I turn the radio on I turn the radio up and this woman was plyaing my song lovers in lover, and lovers run away, lovers are crying cause the other wont stay.....

Hold on I gotta look that song up on Google right now, BRB---

LISA LOEB "You say"... Hit it up on myspace, you will be impressed. Gosh damn I love tech nology. Im thankful that I have the chance to fuck with some of the coolest and most revolutionary stuff on the planet. The sad thing is it will only get better. My computer makes me laugh, makes me sad, makes me love, makes me hate. This little thing I have in my lap does things that have changed my life and I only see it now that I took this class. Thank you. Thanks for taking my blinders off, and what that did was make me that much more thankful for having the opportunity to explore things that people before me were baffled over for years.